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Are bed bugs keeping you up at night? Have you tried everything to get rid of them already? Then you’ll need to get in touch with Whelan Pest Prevention on 0800 678 5029 as we provide quick and efficient bed bugs removal. Southampton customers can turn to us night and day as our team are on call 24/7. We provide the most effective solutions guaranteed to yield long-lasting results. To find out more, get in touch.

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If your home or workplace is infested with insects, time is of the essence. The presence of crawling insects can be incredibly disruptive, cause damage and contaminate food items.


Nuisance birds can cause damage to your premises, often by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering and causing unsightly mess with their droppings.


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Having rats or mice in your home or business is more than an inconvenience – they can be a serious health risk particularly in kitchens or areas where children play.

The Number One Choice for Bed Bugs Removal in Southampton

Bed bugs are one of those nasty little critters that can cause you endless nights of problematic sleep. It is one thing to be bitten relentlessly while outdoors, but quite another thing to be bitten relentlessly by something living in your bed. Once bed bugs take hold, they can be difficult to eradicate, which is why you need professional bed bugs removal, Southampton customers.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on blood and typically live within the cracks and crevices found in and around the bed. Drawn by body heat and CO2 given off through exhalation, bed bugs gravitate towards large mammals – their primary food source. They usually feed at night and will crawl across exposed skin, biting as they go. They measure around 5mm in length, 1.5-3mm wide, and have flattened bodies. Bed bugs can spread quickly and are incredibly difficult to get rid of.

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Feeding and Communication

Pheromones are used by bed bugs to coordinate activities, such as nesting, feeding, and reproduction. During the feeding process, two hollow tubes are used to pierce the skin. The first tube injects saliva which anaesthetises the area. The second tube draws up the blood. Southampton, bed bugs removal is necessary as, while bed bugs tend to feed every 5-10 days, they can remain dormant for up to a year.

Signs of an Infestation

As well as causing a lot of discomfort at home, bed bugs can easily ruin the reputation of a hotel or B&B. This makes their removal a top priority for business owners, and the team here at Whelan Pest Prevention can help. If you’ve noted any of the following signs, you’ll need to speak to our team regarding bed bugs removal, Southampton customers:

  • Presence of Small Insects or Tiny White Eggs in Crevices and Joints
  • Tiny Black Spots on the Mattress
  • Mottled Bed Bug Shells
  • Blood Spots on the Sheets
  • Musty Scent in the Room

While bed bug infestations in the UK are rare, they aren’t unheard of. So, if you’ve noticed any of the signs listed above and suspect bed bugs may be involved, call Whelan Pest Prevention to arrange bed bugs removal in Southampton.

The Best Choice for Bed Bugs Removal Southampton Has to Offer

Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, we’re the number one pest control specialists here in Southampton. Bed bugs removal is just one of the many services we offer, and with an adept track record of providing cost-effective solutions; you know you can count on us. We can provide DIY solutions for smaller infestations as well as tailored treatments to tackle larger outbreaks.

Our team understands the habits of bed bugs and know just where to apply the treatments for maximum results. Once we’re done, we’ll conduct one final inspection to ensure that your property is completely rid of the infestation. To discuss bed bugs removal, Southampton customers should give Whelan Pest Prevention a call on 0800 678 5029.

Why Choose Our Southampton Bed Bugs Removal Experts?

If you need bed bugs removal, Southampton customers can consider their search over as Whelan Pest Prevention have what it takes. For more than 15 years, we’ve served as the leading provider of pest control services in the UK. We assist both domestic and commercial customers with services ranging from asbestos removal and household maintenance to rodent control and bed bugs removal in Southampton and beyond.

We remain committed to providing impeccable results and continually invest in developing new techniques that help us do our job effectively. From start-to-finish, you’ll deal with a single point of contact who will ensure that thorough work is carried out. With our highly competitive pricing structure, you’ll never pay over the odds for any of our services, including bed bugs removal. Southampton customers can also rest assured that we only use the latest, most advanced equipment and products available.

No wonder we’ve received so many glowing testimonials over the years from our satisfied customers.

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