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Are bedbugs keeping you up at night? Do you suspect an infestation at your hotel or other type of commercial property? For comprehensive bedbugs removal in Southampton, look no further than Whelan Pest Prevention. Call us on 0800 678 5029 – our Hampshire team looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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If your home or workplace is infested with insects, time is of the essence. The presence of crawling insects can be incredibly disruptive, cause damage and contaminate food items.


Nuisance birds can cause damage to your premises, often by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering and causing unsightly mess with their droppings.


Flies can be a nuisance when buzzing around the home or business, particularly if in large numbers, what’s more, some species of fly also pose a health risk.


Having rats or mice in your home or business is more than an inconvenience – they can be a serious health risk particularly in kitchens or areas where children play.

Meet the Southampton Bedbugs Removal Experts

If you’re a hotel or B&B owner, then bedbugs can ruin the reputation of your establishment. As a homeowner, you may have trouble sleeping or you’ve noticed some strange signs recently which may indicate that you need bedbugs removal in Southampton.

This is where Whelan Pest Prevention comes in with the most comprehensive bedbugs removal Southampton can hire today. Regardless of the severity of the infestation, you have to act fast before the issue gets out of hand.

What Exactly Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are small blood-sucking insects. They normally live within the cracks and crevices in and around your bed, which is where the name comes from, although they do move around. Most of the species feed on the blood of larger mammals, including humans.

The reason they discover your bed is because they are attracted by body heat as well as the carbon dioxide in your breath. Bedbugs are most active at night when they crawl out to bite exposed skin and feed on blood. This is why it’s important to always have a Southampton bedbugs removal team on standby.

They also spread very quickly, so you have to get in touch with Whelan Pest Prevention as soon as you suspect their presence at your property. Even a tiny number of insects requires a professional bedbugs removal in Southampton.

While bedbugs are able to go for up to a year without feeding, they normally try to attack once every five to 10 days. They do this by piercing the host’s skin using two hollow feeding tubes – one to inject their saliva that contains an anaesthetic and the other to feed on blood.

Commercial Pest Control

We are at hand to deal with all your Pest Control problems 7 days a week. We are all fully qualified and trained to undertake all aspects of Commercial Pest Control Infestations and Prevention.

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Whelan Pest Prevention’s bird dropping cleaning service is the UK’s most effective and reliable bird dropping removal service.


As adorable as they might be to some, rodents can be a major nuisance in properties as they have a tendency to chew through things such as telephone lines and power cables. As you would imagine, the latter can be a potential fire risk. They are also drawn to food sources and upon contact will contaminate any food items. As such, our Hampshire pest control team should be contacted the second you notice the presence of mice, rats, squirrels or moles in or around your property.

Crawling Insects

Crawling insects can cause no end of issues to furniture, and insects like bed bugs can also be an irritant to humans too. There’s also the issue of food contamination to consider. So, if you suspect that your property has been infested with ants, booklice, carpet beetles, cockroaches or any other crawling insects, call our Hampshire pest control team today.


The most common issue associated with birds is their droppings which are highly acidic. When these land on buildings, they can eat away at the building materials causing extensive wear and tear in the process. As the best choice for pest control, Hampshire has to offer; our team will conduct a free property survey. We devise solutions that will deal with the issue at hand and prevent birds from perching or nesting on your building in the future.

Flying Insects

The issue with flying insects is that not only can they be highly destructive to fabrics and other materials, but in the case of wasps, they can also pose a serious health risk. If a nest has been located, it should be approached with caution. Do not attempt to handle the situation yourself as only our treatments will be fully effective in dealing with the issue.

How Do I Know That I Need Bedbugs Removal in Southampton?

Spotting bedbugs is pretty easy – the adults measure at roughly five millimetres in length and have a flattened oval-shaped body that’s light brown, which makes them somewhat resemble ticks. The best place to check for their presence is the seams of your mattress and the crevices of the bed-frame.

Other common nesting spots are behind your headboard or where your walls meet the floor. There are numerous signs to look out for in order to determine whether you need our Southampton bedbugs removal services or not, including:

  • Black Spots on the Mattress
  • Blood on the Sheets
  • Mottled Shells
  • Musty Scent in the Room
  • Presence of White Eggs

Reasons to Hire Whelan Pest Prevention for Bedbugs Removal in Southampton

Whelan Pest Prevention is one of the very few service providers in the area that’s able to offer a same day response for emergencies. Time is definitely of the essence, so arrange for our bedbugs removal Southampton can trust to get the issue taken care of the first time around.

Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, we will know exactly how to proceed with your bedbugs removal in Southampton. They are not easy to eradicate – and you should never attempt it yourself – but our team is highly adept at ridding properties of these types of pests.

All of our treatments have been accredited by the relevant industry bodies and proven to be supremely effective, so you can simply sit back and relax.

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