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Are you having problems with nuisance birds? Have they been causing damage to your home or business? If you need help with bird removal, Southampton, please contact the expert team at Whelan Pest Prevention. With years of experience and a range of solutions at hand, we can have your premises bird free in no time. To find out more, call us today on 0800 678 5029.

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If your home or workplace is infested with insects, time is of the essence. The presence of crawling insects can be incredibly disruptive, cause damage and contaminate food items.


Nuisance birds can cause damage to your premises, often by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering and causing unsightly mess with their droppings.


Flies can be a nuisance when buzzing around the home or business, particularly if in large numbers, what’s more, some species of fly also pose a health risk.


Having rats or mice in your home or business is more than an inconvenience – they can be a serious health risk particularly in kitchens or areas where children play.

Why Do I Need Southampton Bird Removal?

Having nuisance birds on your property can be a nightmare, not only because of the unsightly mess from their droppings. Birds can actually cause damage to your premises, often by dislodging roof tiles and blocking guttering.

However, in addition to damaging your premises, during nesting season birds can become feral. They may attack you when protecting their young, causing a hazard to health. It is important, therefore, to reach out to Whelan Pest Prevention, where our national bird specialists can provide solutions for bird removal in Southampton.

Our Bird Removal Southampton Services

Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, we can provide you with effective treatments to deter birds from your premises without harm. Our Southampton bird removal solutions treat avian problems quickly, with minimum fuss and disruption.

The bird proofing systems we provide prevent birds from settling on typical roosting places such as:

  • Cornices
  • Attics
  • Ledges
  • Window Sills

From pigeons and seagulls to falconry, we have the solution for you.

Commercial Pest Control

We are at hand to deal with all your Pest Control problems 7 days a week. We are all fully qualified and trained to undertake all aspects of Commercial Pest Control Infestations and Prevention.

Treecare and Arboriculture

Loft Clearance

Asbestos Removal

Household Maintenance

Body Fluid and Faeces Clean-Up

Drains and Sewage Spill

Bird Dropping and Clean-Up

Whelan Pest Prevention’s bird dropping cleaning service is the UK’s most effective and reliable bird dropping removal service.


Our bird specialist teams provide discreet solutions to treat pigeon problems on your property quickly. We utilise a range of deterrent and proofing solutions such as bird netting, pigeon spikes, or electrical and wire deterrent systems. These solutions for pigeons are almost invisible, making them a great solution for bird removal in Southampton.


When it comes to seagulls, they can be tricky to deal with as they don’t settle in a single centre of activity, but there are solutions available. For existing infestations, approaches such as nest and egg removal, as well as audible and visual bird scaring systems, can be used to encourage migration.

There are a range of techniques that can be utilised to deter seagulls from your property. These include bird nets and spikes, as well as the more innovative solution of bird free gel. This gel appears like fire to gulls, ensuring they stay away from your property.


Hawking is an entirely natural solution for bird removal, Southampton. Using specially trained birds of prey, we can deter nuisance birds without harm. When pest birds regularly see birds of prey in a specific location, it convinces them the area isn’t safe, making it far less attractive as a nesting or feeding location.

With our falconry solution, the bird handler will establish the number of flights required each week dependent on the type of bird you need deterring.

Why Choose Us for Bird Removal, Southampton?

Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, we are the leading provider of pest control services in the UK. Working nationwide to help both domestic and commercial clients, our reputation has been built on reliability and customer service excellence. With over 15 years of experience, we are one of the most trustworthy providers of bird removal in Southampton.

We only utilise advanced equipment and high-quality products that are completely safe. The products we use have been rigorously tested and proven to protect your health, food, and property in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We aim to provide the finest service for bird removal Southampton offers.

As a company, Whelan Pest Prevention strongly believes in fair pricing. When you come to us for Southampton bird removal, we will provide you with excellent value for money. Additionally, you will never have to worry about hidden fees or other unwanted surprises; the price we agree is the price you pay once the job is complete.

We can tailor our pest prevention services to your unique requirements. All packages will be fully bespoke and you will benefit from a dedicated account manager. Every member of our team is a dedicated professional with years of experience. You will find our staff to be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, talking you through any work they will be carrying out. Other companies offering bird removal, Southampton, will be hard-pressed to compete with our services.

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For further information or to book a consultation for bird removal, Southampton, you need only contact Whelan Pest Prevention today on 0800 678 5029. Alternatively, if it is an emergency, you can call our 24 hour number on 07900 906711.

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