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Booklice are a menace that can plague not just private residences, but commercial properties too. Causing damage to both inanimate objects and foodstuffs, if left unchecked, they can cause a significant amount of disruption.

The team at Whelan Pest Prevention are fully trained and qualified to undertake all cases involving booklice control and prevention.

From households to businesses, our clients can expect fast and efficient results every single time.

What Are Booklice?

Booklice are a species of soft-bodied insect that has two pairs of membranous wings, though evolution has led to formation of wings being lost in most species. As a result, most booklice are incapable of flight, instead feeding and living in and around damp areas. Booklice are typically brown in colour and measure 1mm in length, though larger species such as Lepinotus patruelis can grow up to 2mm in length.

A typical booklouse sports long antennae which is threadlike with around 12-50 segments. They usually have compound eyes, albeit poorly developed, as well as biting mouthparts which enable them to feed.

The natural environment of the booklouse is usually in and around animal nests, tree trunk crevices, and under bark. They are also often found living in warehouses, granaries, museums, and other food manufacturing facilities.

In terms of reproduction, some species can reproduce without fertilisation. A typical female booklouse can produce around 200 eggs, typically laid at a rate of one to three per day. Eggs usually take up to two weeks to hatch, with the emerging nymphs taking around 15 days to grow into adult booklice. The adults are moderately well-adapted to their environment and typically have a life expectancy of up to six months.

Impact of Booklice

Booklice feed on materials of either plant or animal origin. Such materials can range from food to leather and even books. In fact, booklice will feed on the microscopic moulds that grow on the glue of book-bindings which, in turn, weakens the books and makes them more liable to fall apart. They also feed on damp food and can often be found in new properties where the plaster hasn’t yet dried.

Their tendency to infest food manufacturing facilities and warehouses in particular, makes them a nuisance that should be taken care of quickly. One of the major issues associated with a booklice infestation is food contamination. Any contaminated raw or processed foods need to be identified and destroyed, a process which is incredibly time-consuming and wasteful.

In the case of retailers, produce that has been infested with booklice has to be removed and destroyed as soon as the infestation is discovered. If a customer makes the discovery, this will likely result in a loss of reputation.

Booklice Control and Prevention

Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, our team are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to undertake all aspects of booklice control and prevention. We provide coverage across a wide range of locations, including but not limited to:

• Staffordshire
• Devon
• Surrey
• Portsmouth
• West Sussex

We’ll arrange a convenient time to visit your property, though if it’s a matter of some urgency, we can provide you with a rapid-fast response time. In fact, here at Whelan Pest Prevention, we can even provide customers with same-day appointments. We offer competitively priced services, and our qualified and trained team have access to a wide range of insecticides, so you can rest assured that any booklice will be taken care of quickly.

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Commercial Booklice Control and Prevention

While booklice can be a nuisance to homeowners, their presence can be particularly destructive to business owners. An infestation can cause a huge level of disruption, costing a business thousands in lost revenue and disrupting entire supply chains. As a result, any suspected infestation must be dealt with as quickly as possible, and this is an area where Whelan Pest Prevention excels.

Our team are all fully accredited and skilled in the provision of pro-active treatments designed to not just eradicate booklice but to also prevent them from re-infesting the site. To ensure that you receive the right treatment, our team will always begin by carrying out a free, no-obligation survey. This will be followed up with a quote with all fees declared upfront.

With the help of Whelan Pest Prevention, you’ll be spared the unpleasantness of dealing with contaminated food, loss of goodwill, and possible prosecution under the Food Safety Act 1990.

For further advice or to request a visit from a member of our team, call Whelan Pest Prevention today on 0800 678 5029.

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