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Clearing Pigeons from Bus Depot in Hampshire


The staff of the bus depot were complaining of the build up of feral pigeons across the sites in Hampshire The resulting guano and nesting materials were a concern to the health and well being of all staff.

Health Concerns

Pigeon excrement is a vector for various pathogens. They spread nasty diseases such as pseudo-tuberculosis, fifth disease and salmonella. Pigeons are also prone to various diseases, such as twisted neck disease, cankers and tapeworms. Thus the life expectancy of a feral pigeon in the wild is 4 years, compared to 20 years in captivity.

Some of the diseases feral pigeons spread are not to be underestimated. Salmonella bacteria are the pathogens of typhoid fever. Pigeons also spread West Nile virus, which can cause anything from mild pneumonia to permanent damage to the nervous system, and even fatal brain inflammation.


Whelan Pest Prevention introduced a falconry response disruption program which prevented the pigeons from nesting. Falconry response programmes can include spot cleaning and nest removals to aid in the control of pigeons. The sesults have been very successful and our birds of prey control programme is very successful for commercial premises with problems from pigeons and Gulls.

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