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What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a high risk pest to have in your home as they carry a range of serious illnesses such as salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. Their droppings can also cause eczema and asthma and, beyond the health risks, they are a distasteful pest to have in your home. They can breed rapidly and are highly resilient, so a quick response is vital. There are three common species found in the home; German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, and American Cockroach.

German Cockroach

These are brown in colour with two dark stripes on the thorax. They measure 12-15mm, with wings as long as the body or slightly overlapping in both sexes. Despite this, they prefer to run or climb.

Oriental Cockroach

These are dark brown to black in colour, and they measure 20-30cm. The wings are underdeveloped in the females but cover ¾ length of the abdomen in the male. Both sexes however, prefer to run or climb.

American Cockroach

Also known as the palmetto bug, the American Cockroach is reddish brown in colour and has a pale yellow area around the perimeter of the pronotum. Measuring 20-30mm, they tend to be found in dark, undisturbed areas that are high in humidity.

Signs Of A Cockroach Problem

They are nocturnal and hide during the day, so you will most likely see them when turning on the light in the kitchen at night. You may also spot egg cases and cast skins as they shed their skin 5-8 times as they mature. They also leave a dust of black droppings less than 1mm wide ad of varying lengths. If you have an established cockroach infestation, you will notice an unpleasant, musty smell. They will also attack organic goods including leather and books.

Cockroach Removal and Control

Cockroaches are very resilient, so treatment by a qualified pest control technician is often necessary to deal with infestations over the long term. Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, our technicians have a range of powerful insecticides to deal with these infestations.
We minimise risk of insecticides in the home with proprietary products like non-toxic RID (Whelan Pest Prevention Insecticide Dust) or PyGo, which is highly targeted at crevices where cockroaches hide.

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Commercial Cockroach Control

A cockroach infestation can affect commercial properties as well as domestic ones. They can be a threat to a range of businesses, from pubs, bars, and restaurants to hotels due to their high risk of spreading disease. Proactive treatment in these situations is essential to prevent them from moving into other areas.

Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, we offer professional, discreet solutions to solve your infestation swiftly and effectively. Our service includes a 24 hour response guaranteed from qualified, knowledgeable technicians, all of whom can offer expert advice on cockroach control and prevention of future infestations.

Offering a call out service to deal with your cockroach infestations, we are also able to provide you with a free business site survey from an experienced surveyor. Our service is fast, effective, and offers the highest level of safety.

At Whelan Pest Prevention, we can arrange for yearly contracts so we can undertake regular checks on your premises. This ensures we can keep pests such as cockroaches away from food outlets, hotels, and guesthouses. To find out more or to book your free survey, please call us today on 0800 678 5029.

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