Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, our skilled team of pest control specialists are adept at providing solutions for removing and preventing infestations. We offer a range of professional yet discreet solutions which are designed to provide quick and effective results. From protecting your business from rats and mice to eradicating insects and keeping birds at bay, nothing is beyond our capabilities.

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How Can Whelan Pest Prevention Help?

The nature of your business will often determine the nature of the infestation.

Certain pests are drawn to specific environments, and in most cases, the more we know about your business, the more accurate our assessment becomes.

Food Manufacturing

While you might immediately assume that rodents would be a major issue, it is often insects that cause the most damage. In facilities where cereals, grains, or dry food products are handled and stored, these items are prime targets for insects such as grain weevils and rust-red flour beetles.

Flour, rice, barley, and dried fruits and nuts are all at risk from contamination resulting in loss of product and revenue.


Any retail business is at risk of a pest infestation if the appropriate measures are not taken. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to protect customers and employees from distress and hygiene risks. Your stock, building materials, brand, and reputation are all at risk if you fail to act. Fortunately, Whelan Pest Prevention are experienced in assisting retail clients and have specialist training in grocery and meat protection.

From bird problems to ant infestations or an outbreak of rodents, our team are always on hand to provide quick and effective solutions.


Pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and B&Bs all fall under this particular bracket. Reputation is key, and any hospitality business can be left ruined by a sudden pest infestation. In the case of pubs, bars, and restaurants, the Food Standards Agency assign a rating to every establishment based on a 5-star rating system.

Several factors, including hygiene, determine each rating. There are a number of pests that can impact hygiene standards in food preparation and storage areas, including:

• Mice
• Rats
• Flies
• Cockroaches

In the case of hotels, there is another pest to worry about too – bedbugs. With rooms continually changing hands and guests bringing their own items, there is always a high risk of bedbugs spreading to the rooms in your hotel.

Effective treatments

Our team can provide proactive measures including effective treatments to eradicate the problem. We can also train your team to quickly identify future outbreaks ensuring that your business is fully protected.

As with pubs, bars, and restaurants; mice, rats, flies, and cockroaches are also pests commonly found elsewhere in the hotel. These pests often tend to start in food preparation and storage areas and move into other areas causing distress to guests and employees.

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Building and Construction Sites

Construction sites are a prime target for pests, including rats and mice looking for a new place to establish a nest. Their presence can be quite disruptive as they can cause damage to the fabric and foundations of the building. Their fur and urine will also contaminate any surface it comes into contact with, and they can even transmit diseases.

In the case of gulls and pigeons, their droppings are rich in nitric acid which can cause extensive damage to sandstone, anodised metal surfaces, timber framing, and other cladding materials. Bird fouling can also render surfaces such as pavements, yards, and scaffolding unsafe too. Fortunately, our team has the solution with bird-proofing systems which are designed to be virtually invisible and highly effective.

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