Flying Insects

Flying insects can cause plenty of disruption when you’re trying to relax at home.

In most cases, the small critters are more of an irritation than anything else, but some can carry dangerous diseases.

Properties can be hit with an infestation of flying insects, ranging from houseflies and cluster flies to mosquitoes and bottle flies.

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You may think that houseflies carry little threat, but some transmit salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, parasitic worms and cholera. Many people are aware that wasps can be deadly for those allergic to their stings. Even for individuals who are not at risk, being stung by a wasp can cause pain and irritation, so it is important to deal with flying insects if there is an infestation in or around your home.

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As mentioned, there are a variety of flying insects that could cause problems for your family, as well as your pets. These include:

• Fleas
• Moths
• Wasps
Here at Whelan Pest Prevention, we provide a stellar service that will rid your property of large infestations. You may already own DIY products, such as fly spray, but that cannot always get the job done. Our experts are well-versed in all of the different species of flying insects, which means that you can trust us to deal with the issue properly and permanently.

We possess a large number of powerful insecticides that will rid your home of the infestation. Our callout service will work swiftly and effectively in the safest way possible to make sure that your pest problem is no more. To learn more about the services we offer, click on our treatment pages. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 678 5029.

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